I’m Brooklyn. I’m 49. I’m a trans woman. I did not know this when I was 3, 13, or 33. I have a spouse, a son, a girlfriend, and amazing poly family.


Coming Out To My Mom As Trans

  I had been hunched over my mental script for a long time – a couple of years actually. Writing, editing, rewriting the outcome; planning for every single possibility. In hindsight, it’s not surprising that my first thought after I’m trans was will my mom accept me? It’s rare for me to remember dreams, or be […]

On Becoming A Woman

  Cis Women are often full of encouragement about what trans women don’t need in order to be a woman. It’s all well-meaning, kind, and, on the surface, sounds legitimate and empowering. But, how do you experience womanhood without, well, experience? People – their perceptions, beliefs, coping mechanisms, behavior, personalities – are largely made up […]

Another Trans Narrative, Middle-Aged and Okay

There’s a common narrative within the media and literature that all trans folx knew they were trans from a very early age; that we all went to sleep each night praying to a god that we would magically wake up in the “right” body. This narrative is so pervasive that I think many trans people […]

What I Learned About Racism Growing Up

CW: This a VERY honest account of the racist language, behaviors and ideologies I learned. I struggled with this post, because I don’t want to re-traumatize anyone. That is not my intent. I have gone back and forth for over a week now on whether or not the post was useful or doing harm. But, […]

Podcast Appearance on Broken-Tailed Dog

CW: Adult Material Last week I appeared on the NYC-based, alternative lifestyle podcast Broken-Tailed Dog hosted by Josh Accardo. He interviewed me as part of Pride Month. We talked about coming out in my 40s, trans issues, trans life, polyamory, marriage and my sex work. I had a great time! Take a listen and learn […]

HRT: The Lengths We Go To

I thought it would be beneficial to provide my experience with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT); the commitment required, as well as basic info on my process for both cis people and those thinking about medical transition. First, I am not a medical professional. This is in NO WAY meant to be instructional in nature. Let […]

Why I’m Here

I started Raising Brooklyn for two primary reasons. First, there is almost no information on the lived trans-feminine experience online, or the lived trans-feminine experience outside the typical narrative. Often, it’s difficult to find stories, or information, about the nuances and daily realities of trans-life, and, while there is more information these days regarding topics […]