Photography reveals the spectacular, the important, the genuine without the use of hyperbole; a moment, an idea, a feeling frozen in time. It’s then that we realize just how small our dictionary of feelings really is; that every feeling is unique, just like every person or place that inspires them. I photograph because I am compelled to freeze time; to capture the essence of fleeting moments often overlooked. Obsessed with the temporary nature of life, I collect moods, emotions, people, the overlooked, and the sincere. We are all a culmination of moments – both big and small. I use a mixture of digital and film photography in the hopes of catching just a few of them to share with others. Brooklyn’s photography has been exhibited in PhotoSpiva 2016 and 2017, Art St. Louis’ #nofilter exhibit, and both Naughti Gras IX and X. Publication credits include River Styx literary journal, Photographer’s Forum Best of Photography 2016, and the International Photo Annual by Manifest Gallery. Her debut solo exhibit was displayed at Drew Henry on Cherokee Street.